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About the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

This is a very important Board of the City and serves as a means for citizens and others to appeal a decision of the City regarding Zoning or seek a variance from the Zoning code.

Volunteer position appointed by the City Council for a 3 year term.

Upon appointment as a Zoning Board of Appeals member you will be provided the Zoning Board of Appeals Handbook prepared by the Michigan Municipal League to help guide you in the position.

Expectations of a ZBA Board Member

As a ZBA member there are several expectations:

  • Attend Meetings whenever an appeal is filed- about 3-4 per year.
  • Knowledge of the Appeals process; view this link.
  • Understanding of the various Zoning Districts of the City. Zoning Map:, Zoning Districts:
  • Full Understanding of the Standards used to consider granting a variance; view this link.
  • Being fair and impartial in rendering your decisions.
  • Conflicts of Interest - Being open, honest and transparent if you see any potential conflicts per the Code of Ethics of Reed City.
  • Social Media - Accepting that this is part of life and your right to participate is protected but it also carries responsibilities and obligations as a public ZBA member per the Social Media Policy of the City,
Interested citizens who want to serve are invited to fill out an Interest Form at this link and file it with the City Clerk.

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