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City Forms, Publications and Fee Schedules are available for download here. For more information, please contact city offices.

Reed City Starts One Year Experiment to Allow UTV's In Town

On May 20th the Reed City Council adopted a Resolution that gave the go ahead for the Police Chief to work with a committee of UTV owners to set up a one year experiment for UTV’s to enter the City on designated routes and use the City streets to get to places of interest.

Under the current City code, UTV’s, motorcycles and other 4 wheel powered vehicles were prohibited but the UTV Committee spent the time and effort to draft an Ordinance amendment that allows UTV’s. Golf carts, “quads”, motorcycles and other similar type off road vehicles are still prohibited but the one year experiment opens the door to see how allowing just this one type of off road vehicle will work out.

Ron M. Howell, City Manager, (231) 832-2245 ext. 305

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Public Act 442 of 1976, establishes procedures to ensure every citizen's right to review or receive copies of existing documents possessed by government entities.

If you would like to inspect or obtain copies of existing public records prepared, owned, used, possessed or retained by the City of Reed City, please use the FOIA Request form, found under the FOIA file cabinet tab on this page. A request must sufficiently describe an existing public record so as to enable the City to find it.

• Written requests can be made by delivery to City Hall in person or by mail.
• A request can also be made by facsimile to City Hall at (231) 832-9166.
An e-mail request may be submitted to City Clerk, Jackie Beam, at this link. To ensure a prompt response, e-mail requests should contain the term "FOIA" or "FOIA Request" in the subject line.

The FOIA requires that the public body either grant, deny or grant in part and deny in part a request for a public record within five (5) business days. When a request for records is made electronically, the request is deemed "received" on the following business day of its transmission. A ten (10) day extension of time in which to respond to a FOIA request may be made by the public body in certain situations.

The City is entitled to recover reasonable costs incurred in responding to a request. You will be advised of that cost at the time you make your request, or soon thereafter. Payment must be received before the document is released.

For your FOIA requests, please download and use the forms found under the FOIA file cabinet tab on this page. Thank you.