Economic Development

Reed City is a thriving town with incredible small businesses, restaurants, and manufacturing, contributing to our successful businesses and industry.

The Reed City Chamber of Commerce takes a lead role in area economic development. Together with the Downtown Development Authority, the City of Reed City and Osceola County management, we form a vibrant partnership to champion new business opportunities and growth.

Making a Difference: The Reed City DDA

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is the driving force behind many of the City improvements that we see and enjoy. Finished projects include the Reed City Police Department (left). The station, adjacent to the City Hall, was funded by the Downtown Development authority and built by Gerber Construction of Reed City.

City Hall Renovations, Upton Avenue Streetscape, new sidewalks for Chestnut Street and the Fire Station. Wayfinding signs throughout the city, welcoming visitors and directing them throughout town. The DDA has donated funding to Dr. Don Gogolin and his associates to landscape the "Crossroads" of the White Pine and Pere Marquette trails, and additional funding to maintain the flowers and landscaping in our park system. Take a look at our beautiful park system.

One of the important advantages of the DDA to the City and its residents is a greater flexiblilty to do major projects than the City Council because of legal restrictions placed on the Council by law. The DDA is not restricted by the bid process and, because of its original structuring, has funding available that would otherwise have gone to the County government.

In another important project, the DDA partnered with Yoplait to construct the dedicated sewer line that runs from Yoplait to the wastewater treatment plant, as well as the holding tanks. In order to maintain the efficient treatment of the wastewater from Reed City, Yoplait constructed this dedicated system at a cost of $2.25 million, and the DDA participates in the cost of the project on an ongoing annual basis. The sewer line has been given to the City.